No Deposit Casino Bonuses & Free Spins

As we first mentioned on our casino bonuses page, sign up offers are one of the main ways in which an online casino attracts new players. Some casinos are even willing to hand out bonuses without you needing to put in any of your own cash - known as 'no deposit bonuses'.

No deposit bonuses, or NDB's for short, don't tend to be for huge amounts and also usually have fairly heavy wagering requirements - you are, after all, quite literally getting something for nothing. You will often also find that NDB's have restrictions placed on how much you can win from them, to limit the casinos risk. But even with these protections in place, there are benefits to claiming them including the ability to test out a casino without risking your own cash, and also the chance of walking away with a few quid in your pocket.

Getting the bonuses is usually pretty straight forward and involves registering a new account and then following the instructions on the site. Some will credit the bonus automatically after you've registered, whilst others will require you to claim it using a bonus code or by contacting support. At some casinos you may also need to register a debit card before you get your bonus but don't worry, this is just to prove your identity and wont result in your card being charged.

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No Deposit FAQ

Just like we did on our deposit bonuses page, we've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions about these bonuses:

Q. What is the difference between free spins and free chips?

A. Generally speaking, there are two types of bonus that you're going to come across in the above table. Whilst they're both 'free', they work in slightly different ways and need to be treated a little differently.

  • Free Spins - Nearly 100% of the time, free spin offers take place on slots. In this type of offer you'll receive a set number of spins for free - such as '10 free spins'. The spins are usually restricted to a specific slot (or group of slots) and are for a pre-determined value. The value of the spins varies from casino to casino, but at a minimum we like to see all paylines active on a minimum bet. Any winnings from your spins normally come with wagering requirements attached which you must complete before withdrawing the funds.
  • Free Chips - This is simply bonus money which can be used to play games as you would with normal money. You can bet with it however you like, although make sure you check the terms and conditions of the offer first as often there will be excluded games (eg: no blackjack). Free chips usually come with wagering requirements before they, or your winnings from the bonus, can be withdrawn and it's fairly common to find a cap on how much you can win. Ten times the bonus is a fairly standard limit, but sometimes it's smaller if the bonus is particularly large.

Q. Why do I need to register a debit/credit card if no deposit is required?

A. Even though no deposit is required to receive the bonus, some casinos will still require you to register a form of payment with them. There are a couple of reasons for this, but the main ones are to check your identity and make sure you're over 18. It also stops players from registering multiple accounts with the same casino in order to claim the bonus multiple times.

Q. Why can't I play progressive games with my bonus?

A. Whilst it's not a universal rule, it is pretty common for casinos to restrict the use of no deposit bonuses on anything with a progressive jackpot. The reason for this is that a portion of each wager goes into the progressive pool, regardless of whether you win or lose. So by allowing you to play progressive games with a no deposit bonus, it would cost the casino money even if you didn't end up a winner. Having said this, some casinos are happy to eat the cost and do let you play progressive games - you just need to check the T&C's of the offer you'll looking to claim first.

Q. What is the difference between a no deposit bonus and a risk free bonus?

A. You may come across a 'risk free bonus' on your travels and be wondering what the difference is between it and a no deposit bonus. The main difference is that whilst a no deposit bonus doesn't require you to put up any of your own cash, a risk free bonus does - with the money being refunded (either as cash or as a bonus depending on the site) if you lose with your deposit.