Online Casino Payment Methods

In order to play at any online casino for real money, you need to first load up your account with credit – just like you would load up a pay as you go phone. Because online gambling is regulated in the UK, here in blighty we have plenty of payment options – some of which you might not of heard of before.

The most obvious choice for depositing at an online casino is a debit card, which allows you to deposit and withdraw directly from your bank account, but you can also use ewallets such as PayPal, Moneybookers and Neteller and cash based voucher systems such as UKash.

Casino Deposit Options For UK Players

Below you’ll find a summary of the different payment options that are available to you. For more details about any of the payment methods and to see a list of casinos that accept it, simply click the relevant heading.


As stated above, the Debit Card is the payment method of choice for many people. It’s fast (deposits are usually instant), free and comes with some very big limits. Withdrawals to the card usually take a couple of days, once the transaction has been approved by the casino

Conversely, Credit Cards are actually a pretty poor choice when it comes to betting online. Whilst they’re equally as quick as debit cards (also usually instant) they often attract fees as the credit card company views the transaction as a cash advance. Credit Cards also tend to have restrictions on how much you can withdraw to them (for example, Mastercard limit you to the amount you have deposited) meaning that if you have a big win you need to cash out using an alternative method.

You can also use pre-paid debit/credit cards, just make sure that the card allows internet transactions.

Debit/Credit Cards are widely accepted by pretty much all online casinos, so we haven’t created a separate list for this payment method. Just select any of the¬†casinos¬†recommended on the site.


PayPal are probably the most popular e-wallet in the gambling industry. After a relatively slow start, the now multi-billion-dollar company has taken charge with the majority of online casinos now accepting them as a legitimate payment type. The inclusion of super fast processing times, low fees, pre paid bank cards and mobile integration has allowed PayPal to become the complete package when it comes to banking with e-wallets on gambling sites.


UKash are one of the leading payment processing companies in the gambling industry. They work a little different than most e-wallets in that you can be completely anonymous if you wish as all you need to do is purchase a 19-digit code. This code will be given to you with the amount of funds that you have already pre-determined.

One of the best features about UKash is that it can be accessed in so many different ways. We’ve mentioned purchasing the 19 digit code, but you can also fund an online account to generate codes for you online and also get a pre-paid MasterCard linked to your UKash account so you can use it as anywhere that accepts the MasterCard brand.


Neteller are widely regarded these days one of the stalwarts of the e-wallet payment method. They provide a product that gives a huge amount of depth and includes a ton of features. Their standout feature is without doubt the inclusion of their Net+ card, which allows you to access your funds from any ATM and any point of sale that accepts MasterCard.

The fees can range when using Neteller and it will depend on which service you choose as to how long each transaction will take. That being said, more often than not payments made too and from your online casino will be pretty much instant, and in the worst-case scenario take up to 24 hours to process.


Skrill are one of the biggest e-wallets in the gambling industry. They are originally a UK based firm but now they operate from a hefty number of countries around the world. They offer one of the fastest processing e-wallets on the market and their product has reached millions of people around the world.

The increased availability of Skrill to the gambling community has been at the backbone of their success. A number of key features such as a pre-paid MasterCard and VIP service have made the brand what they are today, and offer their users one of the most diverse and cost effective ways in which to bank in the gambling industry.