Online Baccarat Bonuses

Baccarat is a very simple game and a favourite of high rollers. Whilst it isn’t so popular in the UK, it has a huge fan base in Asia – with eye wateringly large bets being placed on the Baccarat tables of Macau every day.

Like many other card games in the casino, Baccarat doesn’t tend to get too much of a favourable reception when it comes to bonuses – whether that’s because of its relatively low house edge (around 1%) or the low variance nature of the game (making it easy to manipulate with a bonus) we cannot say, but the end result is the same.

Below is a list of deposit bonuses which can be played in conjunction with Baccarat – as you can see the wagering requirements are on the high side…

/// Baccarat Bonuses

Common Baccarat Bonus Restrictions

As it’s such a simple game, there aren’t too many ways to restrict the bonus use, except for the higher playthrough. Having said that we have seen the occasional Baccarat-specific rule, or term that could cover certain betting behaviours which you should bear in mind:

  • Maximum Bet – As with many games, some casinos will put in a maximum bet that you’ll need to keep under (as usual, either as a fixed amount or percentage of balance/bonus). Similarly you may find a rule to stop you making large bets to double or triple your balance, only to drop your bet to ‘grind out’ the WR.
  • Betting Both Banker & Player – Similar to betting red and black in roulette, this term stops you from betting on both the player and banker at the same time for a small guaranteed loss. To be honest, the WR for baccarat bonuses is such that if you were to do this you’d end up out of pocket anyway.