Online Slot Bonuses

Slot players have their pick of the bonuses, as pretty much all casino welcome offers can be played with slots. Not only that, but slots also tend to have the lowest wagering requirements of any casino game. Great news for anyone who’s a fan of the old one-armed bandits.

Because of this, the table below is fairly similar to our main casino bonus page, although we have made a few modifications to make the information specific to slots – namely the inclusion of any slot-restrictions in the notes field. We’ve tried to include all of the relevant information, but as always check the terms of the offer for yourself before you start playing.

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Common Slot Bonus Restrictions

Despite the fact that the majority of bonuses are slot friendly, there are still a few exclusions that you’re going to want to watch out for when playing:

  • Game Restrictions – Whilst you could be excused for thinking that all slot games are alike and thus all are included when it comes to bonuses, it is common to find that some slots are excluded (often quite randomly it seems to us). For this reason, even when playing slots exclusively, you should check the T&C’s for any restrictions.
  • Progressive Jackpots – One of the most common exclusions for slot bonuses are progressive jackpots. The reason for this simply being that a portion of your bet goes into the progressive pool, and thus it actually costs the casino for you to play a progressive game, even if you lose your bonus. Not all casinos exclude jackpot games, but enough do that it’s worth mentioning – check the T&C’s of a bonus to be sure.
  • Maximum/Minimum Bets – The easiest way to ‘game’ a slots bonus is to pick a high variance slot, bet big and cross your fingers for a massive win. Then drop the bet and grind out the rest of the WR. Because this tactic is known to the casinos, many put in place maximum bets either as a fixed amount (eg: 5 chips) or as a percentage of your bonus or balance (eg: 10%).
  • Double Up Features – Many casinos also exclude the ‘double up’ or ‘gamble’ feature that you see on some slot games from counting towards the WR. Such features are often a 50-50 chance with no house edge, and so they may not include it in your turnover calculations.