Three Card Poker Bonuses

Three card poker is a staple of UK land based casinos, and offers a nice balance between low variance (the straight ante bet) and medium variance (the pair plus wager). Despite its nice healthy house edge (for the casino), you’ll find that three card poker is not permitted by most casinos when playing with a bonus.

We should point out that three card poker often isn’t listed specifically in the casino terms or weighting tables and instead gets lumped into a general ‘table poker’ category. Conversely sometimes there is a table poker category and three card poker is also singled out for different treatment – so make sure you’ve checked all of the categories before playing.

The table below lists the bonuses we could find which allow three card poker. Wagering requirements for a table game are always going to be higher than that of slots, but as things go, it could be worse. So if you’re sick of slots and fancy playing some kind of card or poker game with a bonus, three card poker may be the answer you’re looking for.

/// 3 Card Poker Bonuses

Common Three Card Poker Bonus Restrictions

The following are things you should watch out for when playing 3 card poker with any kind of casino bonus.

  • No Jackpot Bets – Progressive jackpot side bets may be excluded from the bonus. This probably wont be a rule specific to the game, but instead a generalised ‘no progressive jackpot bets’ rule. If the casino lists ‘no progressive games’ whatsoever and the only version of 3CP has a jackpot, you may not be able to play it – in this scenario we’d check with customer support for clarification of whether the whole game is resricted, or just the side bet.