Video Poker Bonuses

Video Poker is another of those casino games that gets a bad rap when it comes to bonuses, and most bonus offers that allow video poker come with wagering requirements so high it’s not really worth bothering – higher even than blackjack in most cases.

The reason for this is simply its low house edge. Whilst there are many many different versions of the game which all play and pay slightly differently, for the most part the return to player (RTP) is one of the highest you’ll find in the casino.. assuming you’re playing the optimal strategy for the game, of course.

In fact, some progressive video poker games have jackpots large enough to give the player a theoretical edge (ie: the house edge has swung in the players favour) making it one of the best games to play, just not with a bonus.

Generally speaking if we’re playing video poker we wouldn’t bother with a bonus, but if you do fancy giving it a go, you can find a list of relevant bonuses below.

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Common Video Poker Bonus Restrictions

Video Poker has a lot going for it, at least from the players perspective, which results in the massive playthrough requirements that are attached to the bonuses. In addition to the WR, there are also a few common terms to watch out for in the T&C’s

  • Game Restrictions – There are lots of different versions of video poker, and whilst the house edge for most of them is generally on the small side, some are smaller than others. Deuces Wild is a common exclusion, but there are others – so make sure you check what games are permitted before playing.
  • Gamble Feature Doesn’t Count Towards WR – One trick that players learnt fairly early on was that the double up or ‘gamble’ feature that you often find after a win in video poker sometimes has a 50-50 chance of winning, resulting in a 0% house edge on those bets. For that reason, many casinos do not count any of these types of wagers when calculating how much you’ve played towards the WR.
  • No Progressives – As with slots, progressive forms of video poker are often excluded from play.