Casino War

‘War’ is one of the most popular card games in the world. There have been so many different names for it, but after you explain the rules to someone, they generally have played or at least know of a game that is the same or very similar.

Well, Casino War is just an adaptation of that game really. It’s been adapted somewhat to fit into the gambling industry but the main principles of the game are there. For those of you who aren’t as familiar with either game, then this article will hopefully show you how to play one of the more simple games on the casino floor.

How To Play Casino War

The aim of the game is to beat or match the dealer’s cards. It’s very similar to the game of blackjack in that you are both given a whole card and the numerical advantage comes out on top.

The game starts with each player first placing their bets on the table. The dealer then proceeds to give each player one card face up and themselves one card face up. If your card is higher than that of the dealers, then you win double your bet. If you card is lower than that of the dealers, then you lose your bet. Bear in mind, Aces are high in Casino War and the suit or colour of the card is irrelevant.

The game takes it’s little twist when it comes to having matching cards with the dealer. When this occurs you can make one of two choice. You can either surrender along with half of your original stake or you can go to war, and take on the dealer with another deal.

If you decide to go to war then you will have to put in double your original wager, which the casino will then match. The dealer will then burn three more cards and deal you a card face up and themselves a card face up. If you win, you get to keep your original stakes, but not the dealer’s money. If you lose, then you forfeit your original bets. This is essentially the ways in which the casino makes money from this game.

There may be instances where you tie when at war. If this happens the majority of casinos will pay out a bonus amount of around 3 to 1 of your original stake. Otherwise, the casino will just keep going until there has been a winner. Bearing in mind, you can surrender at any point, but where’s the fun in that?

Casino War Tips And Advice

Casino War is about as simple a casino game as you are going to find to be honest. There’s very little to it and it’s for that reason as to why there’s not a lot of strategy involved. One thing to remember is that the house edge for this game is 2.88%, which is actually quite high for a game of this simplicity.

The only thing in the game that you can really control is if you decide to surrender or go to war. We’d suggest that simply forfeiting your stake every time you drew even with the house would carry a negative expectation, therefore encouraging going to war pretty much every time the situation arises.