Red Dog

Red dog is a casino game that is quickly picking up ape in the gambling industry. What’s fairly uncommon for this type of game is that it’s not really an off cast of a previous title. It’s a game like very few, which makes it unique and also pretty enjoyable to play.

You’ll find that this game is about as popular in online casinos as it is in land based casinos, although it’s still not going to beat a game like blackjack or roulette for popularity. The house carries a pretty big edge with this type of game, but its one that you can keep coming back to and wont see your money go up in smoke within just a few hands.

How To Play Red Dog

The game is played with a standard deck of 52 cards, however there are usually about 6 of them in circulation at any one time. The game starts by you placing your ante in, which is required before every game. You’ll then be dealt two cards, which are face up.

The aim of the game is to get a third card that falls in between these two cards. Depending on the spacing of the two cards will also change the outcome of the price you will get if a card falls between them. The smaller the spacing, the greater the odds!

Your third card (middle card) will be placed face down and you can then decide to either to call (adds no extra money) or raise (doubles your ante). There are instances in which certain hands will be a push or a bonus. For example, if two face cards are dealt that are the same then the dealer will automatically deal a third card face up. If the third card matches then they will pay out at 11/1 on your initial ante. If the third card is not the same then they will push the bet. Your bet will also be pushed if your cards are consecutive, so 5,6 or 7,8 etc.

The amount you get paid out will depend on the gap between your two face cards. The larger the gap, the lower the odds. Gaps that between 4 and 11 inclusive, will be paid out at even money. A gap of 3 will be paid at 2/1. Gap of 2 at 4/1 and gap of 1 at 5/1.

Tips And Advice

The most important bit of advice when playing Red Dog is to not get carried away chasing those smaller numbers. Play your big gapers hard and look to raise the bet when playing with gaps of around 6 or higher. Whilst you’ll only win small in these situations, they are much likely to come in.

The odds that you actually get of 5/1 for a 1 gaper are really not that great when you consider how likely it is for that card to come out. Red Dog can be a profitable game, but we have seen the most success with keeping the format simple and look to bet bigger when the gaps are larger.