Sic Bo

Sic Bo is one of the faster paced, more exciting games at any online casino. The game is very similar to that of roulette where you get to place your bets on a number of different outcomes or combinations. The main difference comes in the form of it being a dice based game, rather than a ball spinning around the wheel.

Sic Bo (pronounced ‘See Bo’) allows its users a number of different options to bet on, each with differentiation, yet fixed odds for each outcome. Whilst the game is often associated with the high rollers, it can be played and enjoyed by players of all bankroll. It’s understood that the game was a Chinese adaptation of roulette and the introduction of dice allows for it to have its own unique twist.

How To Play Sic Bo

At first glance the Sic Bo board can look quite complicated, but once you get used to it, it’s actually very simple to understand. The game starts by players placing their wagers on different sections of the board. The dealer will then have three dice placed within the cage and for each go the dice will be rolled. The results will depend on the outcome of the dice and then players will be paid accordingly.

The table is broken down into 6 sections. The first section and most popular is the choice of choosing between a small and big number. These sections include numbers from 4 to 10 for the small and 11 to 17 for the large. The combined number of the three dice that are rolled will result in the outcome for these boxes. Notice that numbers 3 and 18 are removed as these can only be made up by all three dice showing the same number. Should this happen at any time for this bet type then your stake will lose. The pay-out for this is 1/1, so for every 1 unit you stake, you will win 1 unit.

The next section is choosing a double to be rolled from the three dice. This might be two ones, two twos, two threes and so on. If you’re bet comes in then you will be paid at odds od 8 to 1 or 8 units returned for every 1 unit wagered. This works very much the same as choosing any triple combination, except for this you will be paid out at 180/1, the biggest pay-out on the board. You can also select ‘any triple’ which will pay out at 30/1.

The middle section of the board will allow you to bet on the exact cumulative number for all three dice. This ranges from a number of 4 to 17 with pays ranging for each combination. For example, a cumulative number of 4 from the three dice will payout at 60/1, whist a cumulative number of 8 will payout at 8/1. Numbers 3 and 18 are excluded for this as again, to get these numbers a triple will have to be rolled.

The combination bet will allow you to choose between two numbers that will come out from the three dice rolled. This can literally be any two combinations and will pay out at 6/1 for any winnings. This section is perceived to be a medium risk Sic Bo strategy.

The final section is the single bet. Here you can bet on any number to show up and get paid. But, the more times that number does show up, the better the payout. So, if you backed a number and it showed up just once, you get a 1/1 payout. If it showed up twice then you’d get 2/1 and for all three dice to appear then you’d be paid out 3/1. Note, that these are very different odds from choosing a double or treble number.

Sic Bo Tips And Advice

One of the best things about Sic Bo is that you can literally play with any bankroll and still be able to churn out a profit. It’s a game of luck, essentially, so the guarantees of making money are slim. However, there are ways in which you can limit your exposure to the house.

The small, big and combination games offer the lowest house edge of just 2.78%. These games mean that you will be giving out the least amount of edge to the casino and maximising your potential to win money. The combination bets offer a higher payout, but are harder to hit.