Tequila Poker

Tequila Poker is a bit of an adaptation of both blackjack and five-card poker. The game includes elements from each, but it offers its own unique twist on proceedings. It’s been a game that ahs been kicking around the Las Vegas casinos for decades now, but has only recently started to take off online.

The live games will mean that you physically get the look and keep your cards, whereas when you play online, you’ll be playing at a table of your own with each card shown face up. The games have become particularly popular with people whoa re familiar with blackjack, but also can be found in many of the high roller rooms across the Internet.

How To Play Tequila Poker

The game will start with the dealer shuffling a standard 52 pack of cards; obviously if this is done online then it will be a virtual shuffle. The player will then be asked to include their ante, which the amount will depend on the minimum and maximum bets at the table. Once the ante has been placed then the dealer will start to deal the cards.

You will get your first 4 cards dealt to you face up. You’ll be able to see how it would fair as both a poker hand and also as a numerical hand. It’s at this point you will be asked whether you want to play ‘High Tequila’, ‘Tequila Poker’ or fold.

The High Tequila game will be your numbers game. This will mean that you need to make as high a score as possible in order to win some money. This is essentially the blackjack format of the game, apart from the numbers that are paid will range from 46 to 54. The game will count Aces as the number 11 automatically and will also disregard your lowest card, meaning highest 5 cards count. The highest number of 54 would occur with 4 aces (11 points each) and one picture card worth 10 points.

Payouts for the High Tequila game start at 1/1 for numbers 46-48, 2/1 for 49, 3/1 for 50 and working their way up to 200 /1 for 54 points.

If you decide to play the Tequila Poker game instead then you are looking to make your best 5-card hand. The game will pay out on hands starting from one pair of Aces and upward. These include two pair, 3 of a kind, straight, flush, full house, 4 of a kind, straight flush and royal flush. Again, payouts will vary starting from 1/1 for aces and paying 200 to 1 for a royal flush.

If you decide to play either game then you will have to match your original ante bet. So if you put an ante of £10 in, then you’d need to match that £10, making a total of £20 in the pot. Alternatively, you can fold, but you will lose your original ante bet if you decide to do so.

Tips And Advice

A common mistake with people playing Tequila poker is that they become too intrigued to see what the final two cards are that they will receive. This can become an expensive strategy and we would highly recommend to not being afraid to fold your hand. As a general rule of thumb, you should be looking at hands that contains no pairs or huge draws and also hands that come to a cumulative number of 35 or less.