Live Dealer Casinos

A live casino is actually played online, with an interactive video feed of what would essentially be someone, somewhere playing out a live casino game. You will be playing from the comfort of your own home in an online casino, but it will attempt to recreate the feel of actually being in a brick and mortar casino playing your game of choice.

How Do Live Casinos Work?

There are generally two types of live casino. The first is a studio feed. This is essentially where the online casino has set up its own casino from a studio somewhere that includes several tables of casino games. This studio will each have their own live dealer of which you will be able to interact with by using the chat section of your game. The studio will be set up to mimic that of a brick and mortar casino, but it wont have the inclusion of people within the video feed.

The second is brick and mortar game feeds, which admittedly is quite a bit less common. This feed is taken from a real casino and will often provide a lot more atmosphere than the majority of live casino games, due to the ‘buzz’ of the casino.

What won’t change is how each game is played out. Let’s say you were playing blackjack then you would still choose where to hit or twist and make all the same decisions that you wanted for that game. The same goes for the rules of the game that the dealer must abide by.

Pros & Cons Of Live Casinos

One of the biggest positives that live casinos have is being able to offer the user that brick and mortar casino feel, from the comfort of their own home. The games tend to massively increase interaction and being able to see a live dealer and actually have a conversation with them is something that a lot of players will really like.

The live casino takes out all the hustle and bustle of a brick and mortar casino as well. You can just sit straight down and get on with your game without having to get annoyed by the drunk guy sat next to you spilling their drink and shouting expletives at the dealer. It basically gives you all the good parts of the social experience of playing live casino games, without many of the negatives.

As a downside, especially compared to online casino games, is the speed of play. A game such as blackjack or roulette online will take just a few seconds between you making your bets and the outcome of the hand. You can fly through hundreds of hands per hour online whereas with the live casino equivalent you need to wait for other players at your table to complete their go. If it gets to a point where you’ve got 4 or more players then the time it can take will start to add up. That being said, the ability to interact with other players whilst waiting is definitely a glaring positive in these instances.

Live Casino Games

Live casinos, by their very nature, are best suited towards table games – it would be fairly pointless, for example, to have any kind of live slot machine. For this reason, the main games you’ll find at a live casino are the more popular table games such as roulette, blackjack and baccarat.


Probably the most popular format is that of live roulette. This game will allow you to sit down with up to 10 players on most casinos making it one of the most interactive games of its type. With the ability to bet at the same time the increased number of people doesn’t slow down any game time either, making it one of the best experiences of live casino to choose from.


Live blackjack is right up here with roulette in terms of popularity. Again, the game types you will find are likely going to be limited to just your standard blackjack, but some casinos run multi-deck games and also multi-hand blackjack, meaning you can take several hands at the same table.


The live baccarat format is probably less popular than the other two but it still offers an interactive way of playing the game. What you will be faced with is your dealer and your table, along with the casino cards in front of you. The game plays out just as you would if you were online and it requires you to simply click the areas of the table or the highlighted action in order to progress in the hand.