Live Blackjack

Blackjack has always been one of the more popular games at any online casino. The introduction of live blackjack has taken the game to a new level and the exposure that it now gets is pretty impressive.

What you will likely find is that the live games have a much more condensed range of games. Most will offer the standard European format but you will get some that provide both Double Exposure and Multiple action games, although on the whole, these are both pretty rare.

The concept of live blackjack will take you, via webcam, into a live casino (often just a studio set up to look like a casino) and from here you will be assigned to a table with a dealer. You basically get a first-person view of the table and the dealer, and can see everything that’s going on from your computer screen. Depending on where you play, some sites will offer the option of being able to link up to a webcam as well so other players can see you at the table and you can interact with them also. Most include a least a chat box allowing you to chat to the dealer and other players involved.

One thing that you will have to be aware of is that the game will require you to wait for other players to make their plays, just as you would in a regular casino. Each player will be given a time limit though, so you shouldn’t be waiting too long for a decision. Blackjack is a pretty responsive game anyway, which means hands can be done in just a minute or two, reducing waiting time.

Live Blackjack V RNG Blackjack

In terms of the format of the game, there is no difference between the two. If you are playing European Blackjack then the rules from online will be exactly the same as the rules for live. The only real differences, in terms of gameplay, will be waiting for the dealer to shuffle the deck or having the ability to ask for the deck to be shuffled in live games.

The biggest difference really comes in the fact that you can interact with your dealer rather than simply playing on a dedicated online room. Other players at the table will also join you and whilst you can does this with an online version, they are much less common.