Live Casino Hold’em

Live casino hold’em is one of the most exciting live casino games that you are likely to come across. The game is pretty standard in that there is only one version on offer, meaning that each casino will have the exact same format, should you choose to play on different casinos that is. The only difference that might arise is the strength of the dealers hand in which they will qualify to play.

The game is played in a very similar format to that of the classic Texas hold’em game, except for live casino hold’em you will be playing against the dealer.

The game will start by you placing in an Ante of your desired amount. You may also be able to place a bonus amount that will pay out on pairs of Aces or better. You will receive two cards face up and the dealer will also receive two cards, but their hand will be face down until the showdown.

Once the flop has been dealt you can then either call to continue with the hand and match your ante amount or you can fold so you don’t have to enter any more money in the pot. If you call, then the turn and river will both be dealt and you will go to showdown with the dealer.

You’re viewpoint will be that of seeing the dealer and the table as they deal the cards. Whilst one hand is being dealt, there could be several players all playing the same hand. You can choose to do as you wish on each hand, but each hand will be played until the end for those who are looking to play right through. The live dealer will also likely talk you through each step of the game, announcing the cards that are dealt and the hands that you currently have.

Live Casino Hold’em V RNG Casino Hold’em

The major difference between the two games is that you will be able to see and even interact with the dealer in the live games. You can watch as the cards get dealt, the pack gets shuffled and also if your hands have won or not.

The RNG version will mean that you don’t get to see any dealer,, but in fact and automated game that will likely run through a lot quicker than the live version, meaning a higher hands per hour. The RNG version will likely be just one player at the table making your own decisions for that hand. The Live version may have several players on each hand, and although whatever you decide to do will not affect the others players decisions, you’ll still get the same outcome should you follow the same path as the others.