Live Sic Bo

Sic Bo (pronounced ‘See Bo’) is an increasingly popular dice game that has been around for a number of years. Whilst the game might not be available in all casinos in the ‘live’ format, the game has become a trendy alternative for online casinos, especially in the ‘live’ casino format. One of the best things about Sic Bo is that is doesn’t tend to deviate to far away from the classic version. You’ll often find that the layout for the game is exactly the same but with a few discrepancies between casinos regarding how much each combination pays out.

As mentioned, Sic Bo is a dice game and you need to bet on the possible combinations that could come up from the roll of two dice. It works similar to that of roulette in that you can bet on individual numbers of groups of numbers for a increased chance of winning, but with a smaller payout.

The board is essentially broken down into sections that will payout at varying amounts. These include small or big numbers, doubles, trebles, single numbers, combinations and for a certain number to show up from any of the three dice. As mentioned, the more unlikely your selection is, the higher the payout, similar to that of roulette.

The live version of Sic Bo will show you an interactive board along with a video stream of the dealer. The dealer is there to start the dice rolling and they will get a few good shuffles before being displayed. The game is set up so several players can use the same board (again, similar to roulette) and you will have to wait for every betting round to be completed before moving onto the next game. The live dealer game will also include a chat box where you can interact with other players at the table and also a betting history, which will show you past combinations of dice.

Live Sic Bo V RNG Sic Bo

There actually very few difference between the live versions of Sic Bo and the RNG game. The main and most obvious is the ability to see the dealer. Now unlike like a lot of live casino games, the dealer doesn’t actually do an awful lot for live Sic Bo. In fact, they will literally roll the dice and that’s about it. This is because most casinos will have an interactive board that you bet on and is worked through that way. This means that the dealer doesn’t have to physically place the bets of several players at the table, of which could equate to over 50 at a time.

The RNG game will be a much quicker format and its often the case that you will get a table to yourself when you playing. This means you can make your decisions as quickly or slowly as you like, due to the fact that you decide when the dice start to roll.