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Johannes “Joop” Adrianus van den Ende began his show business career with a hammer in his hand, building sets as a trainee carpenter for the Dutch Opera at the age of 15 in 1957. In 1968 Van den Ende embarked on his own journey as a theater impresario with a theatrical agency he called Spotlight. For the next 15 years he created hundreds of shows for the Dutch stage and television.

In 1983 Van den Ende found an old flower auction building near Amsterdam that he bought and converted into a production complex. Ten years later he was made a Knight in the Order of the House of Orange. That same year Van den Ende joined forces with rival television producer John de Mol to create a television production company that they named Endemol by mashing up the two surnames of the entertainment moguls. Three years later De Mol hatched a reality show around the premise of housemates isolated in a specially constructed house. Big Brother became Endemol’s first smash hit and has been exported to 25 countries with numerous variations on the theme. Big Brother premiered in the UK on Channel 4 in 2000 and since that time there have been more than 30 series aired.

With Big Brother as its leader Endemol followed up with a platoon of popular game shows that established the Dutch company as the world’s largest independent content producer. Van den Ende did not get to be a billionaire many times over and one of the world’s 1000 richest people by not wringing every shilling out of a popular idea. Endemol Games was hatched to massage the company’s game shows into exciting action for online slots players. The goal of an Endemol gaming experience is to deposit the player into the role of contestant while chasing jackpots.

Endemol Casino Games

Any British online gamer with even a passing familiarity with television in this century will recognize an Endemol branded game. Deal or No Deal, hosted by Noel Edmonds and on the air since Halloween night of 2005, brings the game of chance and nerve to gamers with Deal or No Deal Blackjack and Deal or No Deal Roulette. The blackjack version of the red box extravaganza boasts s Banker’s Offer feature after the initial two cards are dealt and roulette serves up the European single-zero version with a secondary bonus wheel and a side bet bonus play.

Endemol Games is not afraid to resurrect old British favourites even when they did not originate in the Netherlands. Catchphrase, brought to the air with Northern Ireland comedian-presenter Roy Walker in 1986 with the golden robot Mr Chips in the role of show mascot, has become a rollicking slots game with a Catch Phrase Bonus, a Ready Money Free Spin Bonus and a Super Catch Phrase Bonus. Dipping back even further into the British television archive Endemol has created a slots game around the popular 1970s quiz show 3-2-1 with fast-talking Butlins Redcoat entertainer Ted Rogers as presenter. Mascot Dusty Bin is on hand to direct the bonus games and his own Free Spin Game. Another long-running British game show turned video slots game is Countdown with its word and number puzzles. Players can score big with The Letter Bonus, The Numbers Free Spin Bonus and The Conundrum Bonus.

Endemol has also adapted a recent United Kingdom game show hit, The Million Pound Drop, to slots play. Features from the Channel 4 quiz show that began airing in 2010 include the Security Pass Bonus and The Money Drop Bonus. Players can even sample their homegrown game with an international version as the show has morphed into various forms in 19 different countries.

Endemol, with its deep roots in entertainment production, embraces the consummate showmanship of professional wrestling in Hulkamania where players try to take down Hulk Hogan for big prizes. Endemol has also teamed up with the Ultimate Fighting Championship to bring out the official UFC Slot that features 12 fighters from across the globe and exclusive UFC combat footage. Speaking of official sports tie-ins Endemol also present the official slot game of the England Football team with the Come on England! slot with two bonus features and a progressive jackpot.