Gamesys Casinos

Gamesys are one of the more innovative software companies ion the industry at the minute. Whilst they aren’t the largest, they have actually been around since 2001 and the company prides themselves on making some of the most intuitive casino and bingo games in the industry.

In fact, the company are definitely targeted towards online bingo than online casino. It was only a year after their initial launch that they founded, which has since then gone on to become one of the most popular online bingo rooms going. The company have also worked hard to get their portfolios into social media and actually teamed up with Facebook to provide the first cash gambling Facebook app in 2012.

Gamesys are a company that are based solely online and with very little to no land ties whatsoever. They’ve gone on to work with some of the biggest names in online bingo and casino industry including The Sun Bingo, Caesars Casino, Heart Bingo, Virgin Games and of course, Jackpot Joy.

Gamesys Casino Games

As you’ve probably already guesses, the majority of the games on offer actually come in the form of bingo games, but they do offer a number of casino games. We will discuss both, so you have an idea of what’s on offer from Gamesys.

What Gamesys have tried to do with their bingo games is to make them as interactive and as fun as possible. It’s often tough to make games like this different from that of their rivals, but the offerings that Gamesys have provided for these games are actually pretty good, and not something you see everyday.

Bingo Lane is probably their flagship bingo game and it’s exactly this that offers an action packed gameplay, a range of themes, collectables and achievements, throughout the game. They have also worked hard on making sure that these games are accessible for all users and allow them to interact whilst playing. The addition of their chat section on all bingo games is definitely an area in which we think will be the reason why the majority of players keep coming back.

Their slots portfolio, as mentioned, isn’t as comprehensive as a lot of companies out there. We definitely see Gamesys as being predominantly a bingo related site first up, whilst offering a few alternatives such as slots to add tot eh over all package.

They do include some nice games though such as The Million Pound Drop, Wonderland and Nuts and Bolts. The games aren’t all singing all dancing, but they are well designed, like the majority of Gamesys products and they are a nice addition to an online bingo rooms portfolio. In all honesty, we cant see too many companies having Gamesys as a standalone online casino provider, but definitely incorporated with other software’s.