VueTec Casinos

When the Australian company VueTec, became the first generator of live streaming casino games their first transmission was over a dial-up modem at 56kps. That was in 2002, three years after Donald Bursill cobbled together a brain trust of software developers in Sydney. Bursill had nurtured his dream of bringing live casino action across the Internet during the ownership and management of eight casinos across Europe dating back to the 1980s.

VueTec set out to provide the most realistic gaming experience available from live streaming. All live feeds were generated from actual land-based casinos with real life casino patrons gambling in live time. The feeds run continuously and when the gaming action slows down on the casino floor it is not unknown for VueTec streams to feature the clean-up staff sweeping the carpet. This fetish for realism is all in the quest to make VueTec interactive the most trusted and transparent gaming solution available to online players.

The ultimate mission is to partner with brick and mortar casinos to provide live feeds to its clientele who can then enjoy the gaming experience even when there is no way to visit the building. Advancements in technology allow small, unobtrusive yet powerful cameras to transmit clear feeds even in troubling casino lighting. Multiple cameras are employed to deliver an overview, table shot and apparatus shot. All dealers are in the employ of the land-based casino operator who requires only slight modifications in technique to deal at an online table. VueTec players can use a chat function to form relationships with favourite dealers. These dealers are experienced floor dealers who know their games inside and out, they are lot recruited for their acting skills or appealing looks simply to play the role of a dealer on camera.

VueTec’s first ever broadcast came from a live feed inside the Fitzwilliam Casino and Card Club in Dublin in 2002. In 2005 became Vuetec’s flagship online casino and the Palace Casino on the Isle of Man also live streams from the capital city of Douglas.

VueTec Casino Games

VueTec’s Internet suite of live casino table games is powered by its Distance Gaming platform and includes play variations developed solely to enhance the online experience with multi-player participation. Imagine a roulette wheel where thousands of players are playing at one time, fixated on the progress of the bounding ball. With VueTec’s live streaming that is the case with Live Roulette, the company’s most popular game.

To accommodate the limitations of multiple online players gambling against a dealer VueTec has devised variations of casino staple like blackjack and poker. its novel take on 21 is Blackjack with Early Payout whereby the gamer is given the option to walk away from a bad deal and take a payout from the house pre-calculated from the expected return of a particular hand, minus a small casino margin. Less of a loss, the punter decides, is better than the odds of overcoming a poor position after the deal.

For poker players VueTec serves up Texas Hold’Em Bonus played under Atlantic City rules where the ante bet pays on a flush or better instead of a straight or better. This game uses a set of standard strategy plays to govern folding and betting plays through the hand. VueTec also offer Live Punto Banco/Baccarat and variations of poker that include 3-5-7 poker, Caribbean Stud poker and Grand Slam poker.

VueTec’s random number generating algorithms have also enabled it to develop video poker and video keno games and slot machines with progressive jackpots.