Neteller Casinos

Neteller has been a big part of the gambling industries payment processing for a number of years now. In fact, they were one of the first companies to really push their product towards gambling companies and in a way were innovators for the huge e-wallet culture that now sweeps the industry.

Neteller have always worked very hard on making a product that works well for its customers. That’s not saying that all e-wallet based companies have done this, but Neteller seem to have made the most progress and biggest changes over the last decade or so. Their standout feature has to be the speed in which transactions are carried out, especially withdrawals from a sportsbook or casino paid into your Neteller account.

Time frames for withdrawals will vary, but likely will be processed and in your account within just a couple of hours. Compare this with a debit or bank withdrawal and you could be looking at up to a week for the same process.

A relatively recent addition to the company’s features is that of the Net+ card. This card is basically a pre-paid MasterCard that allows you to access funds in your Neteller account to either withdraw them from an ATM or buy products at any retailer accepting MasterCard.

What’s been interesting is that for most people the easiest and now cheapest way tow withdraw funds into there bank is via the Net+ card. Obviously if you are going to use the card at an ATM then it means you are going to have the money in you’re a hand instantly. Couple this with the fact that withdrawals from the gambling outlet to your Neteller takes a matter of hours, then you could have your money in your hand in no time.

However, withdrawals from your Neteller account to your bank aren’t so user friendly. They range in terms of how long they take to process and can be anywhere between 3-25 days. Also with this comes another set of fess to get your money. Again, this will vary depending on your withdrawal method but you could be looking at a charge of between £4 and £25. If you think that an ATM withdrawal for any amount will be at most £4 then the Net+ is definitely the best option, but if you use it at the point of sale, then you wont be charged for use of your Net+ card, making this the best option.

How To Use Neteller At An Online Casino

The process of this step by step guide will likely change depending on which casinos you are using, but it should give you at least a rough guide of how to deposit using Neteller for the majority of online casinos.


You need to navigate on over the cashier or deposit section of your casino. Once there you then to select the Neteller payment option to get started. At this point you will probably be prompted to enter both your Neteller security ID and your Neteller account number or email address.


You will then be taken to a secure page on the Neteller website. Here you will need to confirm the amount you wish to deposit and also the online casino that you want to deposit to.


Once everything has been confirmed the money should be in your online casino almost instantly. If your funds don’t appear within 10 minutes of making the transaction then we would probably advise you to contact the casinos customer support to chase up the issue.

About Neteller

Neteller have always has a very strong affiliation with the gambling industry. In fact, they were one of the first e-wallets to really start pushing their product to a wide range of gambling operators. It was this innovation that essentially started the e-wallet trend within the gambling sector and in 2000 it was reported that Neteller was carrying out around 80% of all gambling transactions.

It’s not all been plain sailing for the company, however. In 2007 the gambling industry took a huge hit when the American government essentially removed the US market. This drop had seen a massive decrease in the number of users that Neteller had through their doors. Whilst they are still a multi billion company, Neteller had reported that over the four years since the US market was removed, profits had been reduced by almost 75%.