Online Craps Bonuses

Craps is one of the more complicated looking games that you’ll find at an online casino, but once you get your head around the rules it’s actually pretty simple. Because of it’s complexity it does have a rather large following of players who have gotten to grips with the rules and strategies (although we should point out that even the best craps bets still carry a house edge).

As with other table games, its popularity doesn’t equal bonuses and the vast majority of casinos do not allow craps play at all with a bonus – either banning it completely or counting any wagers from craps as having a 0% weighting towards the WR.

In the table below we list the few UK online casinos that do permit craps play with bonuses, but as you can see the wagering requirements are rather high.

/// Craps Bonuses

Common Craps Bonus Restrictions

Like roulette and baccarat, craps is a game where you could, in theory, bet on both outcomes at the same time (eg: betting Pass & Don’t Pass or Come & Don’t Come at the same time). So the main rule you’ll come across relates to this kind of behaviour.

  • Betting Both Outcomes – As we mentioned above, betting on both Pass & Don’t Pass in the same roll is generally a bad idea and only really has one purpose – to grind out the WR with minimal risk. Such bets are usually excluded from play with a bonus, either directly as a specific term or under a more generalised rule such as ‘no low risk wagers’.
  • Maximum Bet – The other rule most likely to crop up in conjunction with a craps bonus is a maximum bet. Not all casinos and bonuses have this rule attached, but enough do that it makes it onto our list. This isn’t a craps-specific rule either, just one you should be aware of when playing.