Live Roulette

Live casinos have been one of the biggest innovations in online casino play over the last few years or so. As an extension of that, live roulette has been one of the reasons as to why it’s been so popular and as it starts to form it’s own identity away from RNG roulette, we would expect the options for playing the game to continue to increase.

The game tries to emulate the player being in a brick and mortar casino, but from the comfort of your own home. Via web cam you will be able to see the dealer and the roulette wheel spinning, in real time. The game will be based out of a studio somewhere around the world, but you can interact with the dealer as if you were sitting at the table looking them straight in the eye.

The perspective of the game is essentially looking at the table and seeing the dealer in action. Often you will be able to see other tables within that room, giving it a feel as if you were in the actual casino. The game works exactly as if you were in the casino as well, with each spin having to wait for other players at your table to place their bets in the allotted time before the ball starts to roll. Some live roulette tables actually allow you to interact with the other players at the table, offering an even deeper level of gameplay.

One thing that you don’t get from live roulette is huge choice of games. Those of you familiar with online roulette will know that some of the bigger companies can have a good handful of different roulette games. The main choice for most live casinos is European roulette. That being said, a lot of casinos are starting to offer a choice of dealer tables. For example, some offer a choice between a European dealer and an Asian dealer.

Live Roulette V RNG Roulette

One of the biggest defences between live and RNG roulette is the speed of play. With the live games each game has a set amount of times between games in order to give other players a chance of placing their bets. Online you will be able to get through a much higher spin rate due to the fact that you can click spin as soon as you are ready with your bets.

As a link to that, you will often find that live dealer roulette games will include other people betting on the game as well. The number will range depending on the casino you are playing, but RNG games will often allow you to play on a table of your own, speeding up gameplay considerably.